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How to set up L2TP/IPsec on macOS

This tutorial guide will walk you through the steps to manually set up a VPN for macOS 10 using the L2TP protocol.

Table of contents

Add a new VPN connection

Open System Preferences.

Go to network settings.

Add new VPN connection by clicking +:

Fill required fields in opened window:

Click Create:

New VPN connection created.

New you should set up it.

Set up VPN connection

1) Open VPN server settings in SnowdenVPN dashboard.

Leave the page open.

2) Now return to the network connection settings window. Fill in the following fields:

After that, click Authentication Settings...:

3) In the opened window, fill in the following fields required to authenticate your computer on the VPN server:

Click OK:

4) Click button Apply to apply settings:

Hurrah! Your connection is configured.

to the VPN server

Check the box Show VPN status in menu bar and click Connect:

Wait while your computer connects to the VPN server. It may take 30 seconds. If the connection is successful, the connection status changes to Connected:

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