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VPN for business

Cloud technology safeguards your privacy.

Dedicated VPN server in the Cloud

We create virtual VPN server for each user. Only you have access to your own VPN server and you can completely destroy it any time.

Guaranteed 1 Gb/s bandwidth

While shared VPN servers are the norm today, they have a common downside, slow speeds. Since your VPN server is dedicated to you only, and you do not share your traffic among hundreds of other users, you will get the optimum throughput.

Dynamic IP address

A dedicated VPN server with a dynamic IP address will protect you from blocking, hacking, and snooping. This is a powerful alternative to a shared VPN service.

No proprietary apps

Closed source software on your device creates potential security concerns. Instead, we suggest using an open-source VPN client.

Choose a plan that works for you

Pay only for the time that you use a VPN server.
first hour
Try for free.
per hour after first
Pay as you go.
per month
Pay less when reserving for a month.